R32 Ecologic refrigerant

R32 refrigerant is the latest generation Freon with a record low GWP comparing to R410a.

ALL DC Inverter technology

Compressor and both indoor and Outdoor fan motors are ALL DC Inverter.

Global Patented Stepless Indoor Fan motor

Stepless Indoor Fan motor, able to produce a choice of 99 indoor fan speeds. Fan speed can be set by percentage varying from 1 ~ 100%.

Cold Plasma generation filter

This is a special ion generation filter which works by charging negative ions on small particles, this way reducing air pollution.

WiFi Control 

Units are WiFi Standard. The WiFi Module can allow users to operate units from everywhere in the world, by downloading the relevant Skyworth Application for smartphone.

Low ambient Heating Kit

Low ambient Heating Kit, able to produce heating at -20 Celsius of environment temperature, and cooling at -15, making unit ideal for computer and equipment rooms.

I-Feel function

I-Feel function, is a function giving the ability to the indoor unit to sense room temperature from the remote controller, instead of unit intake. This is a comfort selling point, as unit is sensing air surrounding the user, and not at the point of installation, with known difference.